• Most problem are solved with “Restarting” you box.


How soon will my order be processed?

Most orders are fulfilled within 10 mins to 4 hours. But sometimes I can take up to 12 hours for an order to be delivered. If you don’t hear back from us within 12 hours please contact us 

I am getting Login/Password on my screen?

This occurs when your MAC address doesn’t match the one on the system. Reasons can be that you didn’t provide MAC address or gave wrong MAC address.

When you don’t provide MAC address, we create one for you assuming you are using STBEmu in which you can edit MAC address.

The MAC address should start from 00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx. If your device MAC address starts different than this mean that you need to download app where you get MAC address in this format.

If your see this error please provide us your correct MAC address by contacting us

My IPTV is freezing/buffering problem

This problem can be from multiple reasons. We will try to explain some. Before that we want to explain that we don’t manage or have access to the any content on IPTV. It your service provider (VooDoo, Express, Crown etc) who keeps improving their services.

Some times its due to servers overload. So choose IPTV that you know is reliable.

It can also be due to your box cached memory and processing power. Restart box once a week

I can be due to poor bandwidth service.

Mostly IPTV providers fix it within sometime. We have nothing to do with it. So choose IPTV wisely.

EPG is not showing.

EPG is available for most channels but not all.

EPG is not available in Gold IPTV but its most stable IPTV service.

We want to let you know that we don’t have any access to any content.

It can be due to multiple reasons.

Its IPTV providers (VooDoo, Express, Crown etc) who manage their EPG. In some IPTVs EPG is blocked for sometime and get back on eventually. We have nothing to do with it.

Kodi app in most cases fails to fetch the EPG.

Premium IPTV m3u link users:

Some m3u Players/apps fails to fetch EPG and you have to manually add EPG link in settings. You will get EPG link in email.

What is the currency of this site?

All prices are in USD

Channel isn't working?

It is very common in all IPTVs that a channel can be blocked and stop working. But its soon replaced.

We want to explain that we don’t manage or have access to the any content on IPTV. It your service provider (VooDoo, Express, Crown etc) is responsible for their services.

So choose your IPTV wisely.

Kodi Apps Authentication Error

There can be multiple reasons for this error.

70% Kodi users on a PC resolved this error by deleting the Kodi app and downloading from official site of Kodi. Even downloaded from Micrsoft store gave this error in most cases.

Make sure you have enetered the right MAC address and URL in Stalker Client

In some cases you can copy/paste the Portal URL in a browser. It will redirect you to a new URL. Copy that URL and past in Kodi.

STB Emu app error?

  • Most common error in STBEmu is that after setting up the profile you don’t Exit the app from menu. The app stays open in background and restart doesn’t happen to let settings change take place.

Make sure you exit app from menu.

  • Some people will paste the Portal url in “Inner Portal URL” instead of “Portal URL”

You have to replace “Portal URL” and leave the “Inner Portal URL” empty.

  • Make sure you use http:// before the URL.